Promoting analytical plasma spectrochemical developments and applications in Europe
European Award for Plasma Spectrochemistry

About the award

The European Award for Plasma Spectrochemistry, which promotes analytical plasma spectrochemical developments and applications in Europe, is awarded for a single outstanding piece of work or for continued important contributions in the field.

Winner will be announced before the awardees’ lectures at EWCPS 2025.

The European Award for Plasma Spectrochemistry is an important opportunity for researchers working in European labs to promote their work and share it with the community at the EWCPS. The winner will also receive a award money.

Award Panel

An independent panel of five prominent European scientists in plasma spectrochemistry and one representative from Agilent Technologies have selected the winner. The award committee is constituted of the following members: the chairman of the current European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry (ex officio, Chairman), the chairman of the previous conference, the awardees of the two previous award editions and the representative of Agilent Technologies.

Former award winners

Former European Award for Plasma Spectrochemistry winners are:

2003 - Detlef Günther
2005 - Jean-Michel Mermet
2007 - Klaus G. Heumann
2009 - Annemie Bogaerts
2011 - Frank Vanhaecke & Alfredo Sanz-Medel
2013 - Norbert Jakubowski
2015 - Jörg Feldmann
2017 - Joanna Szpunar
2019 - Jose Ignacio Garcia Alonso
2023 - Heidi Goenaga Infante

EWCPS 2025
02 - 07 March 2025 | Hybrid Conference in Berlin (Germany) & online

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